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General Information About Your Event

Please read the enclosed menu(s) and check off everything that looks like some-

thing you might like to serve at your party.


Next, please call our office and speak to Colleen, or one of our helpful associates

who will be happy to help plan your menu.


If you have questions on pricing, we are happy to explain to you how our pricing

works.  In any case, if you order several items, we will design a package price to include all of your choices, giving you a discount on as many items as possible.


Additional cost that you should know about:


If your event is a full set-up (using our chafers & serving pieces), there is an additional cost.


If your event requires a full set-up, there is an additional delivery cost, which covers the delivery and the return trip to pick up the equipment. 


We appreciate dishes and equipment returned cleaned! We ask of this to save a  fee for clean-up. Thank you!!



If your event is delivery only, with no set-up, there is only a delivery fee. All dishes and packaging are disposable. 


We will make arrangements at the time of set-up to have you set the dishes out the following day for our pick-up. We will leave boxes for you to use. If this is not convenient, we will arrange a time that is convenient for you and we will pick up the dishes at that arranged time.


Gratuity on food: We apply 10% gratuity charge on orders over $250 that are drop-off delivery. On full service events there is a 15% gratuity charge applied to the food cost. This helps to cover the additional costs that are incurred in the planning, packaging, & preparation of your foods. Thank you very much!!


Make it easy on yourself and have a service worker help out:


To make your event as easy as possible, we recommend having one of our trained service staff stay and keep your party going, & she will also clean-up afterward.


This will keep you out of the kitchen, and with your guests. Our friendly staff will help your guests feel welcome, the foods fresh,& refilled, and perform any other tasks that you need her to do, including opening wine and helping with your bar.


Servers work at the rate of $20.00/hr. She will let you know the total amount at the end of the evening and we ask that she be paid separately. Our helpful staff does appreciate gratuity, although it is not required.


Bar Tenders Are available at the rate of $20.00 & will help advise you on what to stock in your bar, should you have questions about that. We will have our trained bar tender make contact with you to help answer any questions before your event.


Please call with any questions that you may have, we are always happy to be of service to you!


Phone Numbers: Main phone 517-655-4532 Colleen’s cell 517-749-6503(reached best during the daytime)



Thank you for asking for our assistance! We will do everything possible to help make your event unforgettable for you and your guests!




A $200.00 deposit is required to secure your date, and is non-refundable. One-half of the balance due is to be paid one week prior to your event. The balance is to be paid in full the day before the event; usually what works best, is while you are doing your decorating, 

I will do my set-up at the same time, and will bring along the final invoice to be paid at that time. I do not like to come to you on the day of your wedding and ask for payment. 

There is a $100.00 set-up and delivery fee for all weddings.